B.E.A.R.™ Elite | Adcor Defense


Adcor B.E.A.R.

B.E.A.R.™ Elite | Adcor Defense.

As the U.S. Army announces it’s down-select for the Carbine program, interesting to see that rookie-company Adcor still has it’s hat in the ring. Long a supplier of components to other companies in the firearms arena, Adcor has leveraged their knowledge and expertise of machining and production to create what is arguably one of the most innovative, yet still plausible/feasible solutions for the needs outlined by the Army: create a carbine that leverages existing platforms, components, accessories, but improves upon it in almost every way. My lone complaint is the continuation of the buffer tube and subsequent lack of a folding stock. Something tells me we may be able to tackle that, soon, though. Here’s to hope and change!